aged 5, at the wedding of Ada Ornstein & Henry Silver, a mantle & gown manufacturer, on 19 June 1932 at Cricklewood Synagogue. This was a big society wedding. Ada was a daughter of the coat & gown manufacturer, D.L.Ornstein. The Ornsteins were one of three major clothing manufacturers which dominated the East End Jewish community-the other two being H.Lass and Ellis & Goldstein. Virtually everyone in the East End gown industry worked in smaller industrial units exclusively supplying one or other of these three companies or worked for them from home. In time, many of these exclusive suppliers to Ornstein broke away to manufacture independently. One of these was Nat Shine who Monte was employed by for most of his working life as production manager. Monte’s father, Morris, worked for Ornstein and when offered a partnership by Nat Shine made the mistake of turning the offer down on the grounds that he had a secure job and was very well paid for the 1930’s. Monte married Joan Cicely Taylor on the 14 September 1948 at the New West End Synagogue, St Petersburg Place, Bayswater and had one son Robert. In the 1950s, the couple divorced and Monte subsequently remarried Cora Day and had two sons, Simon & Adam.