Mr Boris Bennett was born in Poland in 1900 and arrived in the East End of London 22 years later. Here he realised his lifelong ambition of becoming a photographer. Over the next 30 years he established himself and his studio as a pillar of east London’s Jewish community.
In conjunction with the photo book published by Hoxton Mini Press, this online project aims to portray the life, times and characters that passed through the Boris studios from the late 1920’s up to the mid-1950’s.
We hope that these iconic photographs with their individual stories together with memorabilia will convey some of the mood, hopes and aspirations of east London at that time.
Furthermore, we want this website to become an ‘ever growing’ archive of Boris’s work by encouraging other holders of Boris photos to come forward with their images and memories:
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During our research, we stumbled across many pictures from Boris’s studio that we just could not put a name to.
boris-signatureMaybe you can help. Do you recognise any of these unnamed subjects? Please drop us a line if you do.